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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dating Expert's Secrets Revealed

by Mr Wiz

I'm a regular guy ha! not a shrink or wizard in relationships.... just seven years of experience in the reality of Internet dating. Never really written anything about it til now. Thought it might be a great idea to help others with my wisdom and warn you of some of the foolish stuff that happened to me.
Going back to my previous blogs, people do lie! Truth is... many folks on dating sites are not there for dating at all, have no interest in meeting anybody - just killing time getting through the day bored out of their minds.

I reckon if anyone is seriously showing any signs they want to get to know you they should be happy to exchange mobile numbers inside a week of chatting online, then you can arrange to meet for coffee - yea coffee!... not a pub or restaurant... with coffee, at worst, if thing aren't looking to good you may have to endure an hour or so.

Yeah rrright? I don't think so! you'll be checking out their bums and boobs and working out if they are any good between the sheets! we all do it!... Girls do it too!... one girl blatantly told me she was eyeing me up and down when i got up to got the loo and checking out my bum! imagining what I'd be like between the sheets!

So I'm saying this is really about raw instinct - initial physical attraction. It's been going on for thousands of years, we are genetically tuned to do it!

you'll know within a few minutes of meeting if you want to go back for more!.... lets be honest here men, what are you looking for inside those first few minutes? personality? open? funny?

It was late one night, I was in bed on the verge of nodding off when i received that very message, she was blonde, petite and very attractive. Her profile was well written - 2 kids, divorced, fun loving etc etc. So I thought OK I'll add her to my MSN and see what she's like. She seemed quite respectable going by her profile, quite normal really. But boy was I in for a shock. I shall tell you exactly what the way everything I will tell you in the coming weeks are real life experiences.

Don't forget some of these girls are getting a ton of messages a day so they have plenty of other fish to fry!

'Have you got MSN babes'?

If your new found online mate needs more time to get to acquaint themselves with you, say more than a few weeks, then ditch them! sounds harsh? they're more than likely leading you on, along with a ton of other men!

My true stories, exactly the way it happened!


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